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What is Patient Access? Patient Access allows you, the patient, to choose physical therapy treatment without needing to see another healthcare provider first.   Next   Learn More About Patient Access
Did You Know? Starbucks and Aetna participated in a study of back pain. Results show baristas back to work in two days with direct access to physical therapy versus two weeks through physician referral.   Previous Next   Learn more
Did You Know? The National Black Caucus of State Legislators supports the adoption of legislation that permits access to physical therapists without a physician referral.   Previous  Learn more

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  • Are you a media outlet interested in producing a story on patient access in Texas? If so, please contact Paul Hardin at 512-477-1818 or via online form, or view the press release.
    Fox News Austin story on Patient Access
  • ABC News Austin live interview on Patient Access
  • Audio of Patient Access commercial running on 120 CBS radio stations in Texas
  • TPTA issued press release on PR.com
  • Wall Street Journal article - Virginia Mason, along with Aetna, streamlined its approach to back-pain treatment. Patients got in faster and employers, insurers and patients saved money.
  • A video produced by an ABC affiliate in Pennsylvania shows how Consumer Direct Access functions.
  • Dallas Morning News article on Starbucks / Aetna study showing baristas with back pain back to work in two days with direct physical therapy, as opposed to two weeks with physician referral.
  • According to the Texas Medical Association, Texas ranks 43rd in shortage of primary care physicians.  Any limitation to timely access affects a consumers access to needed physical therapy services.
  • Texas Tribune article with Texas Medical Association commenting that the new health law very well may force more physicians to consider restricted practice models. This will only add to the already severe shortage of access to primary care physicians.
  • The average patient in Dallas and Houston waits roughly 20 days to see a primary care physician, according to a 2009 survey by the consulting firm Merritt Hawkins and Associates.
  • The National Black Caucus of State Legislators supports the adoption of legislation that permits access to physical therapists without a physician referral.
  • American Legislative Exchange Council adopts resolution on patient access to Physical Therapists' services without current professional practice restrictions regarding referral.
  •  Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University study showing costs for physician referral to physical therapy is 2.2 time higher, 65% longer in duration and generate 60% more medical office visits than patients with direct access to physical therapists.
  • CNA Insurance Companies, a leading liability insurer of physical therapists, says "At this time, direct access is not a risk factor that we specifically screen for in our program because it has not negatively impacted our claims experience in any way. In addition, we do not have a premium differential for physical therapist in direct access states, nor do our competitors a strong testament to the fact that direct access to physical therapy services has not increased the risk exposure presented by physical therapists."
  • Other states with full, unfettered Direct Access see no increase in disciplinary actions by their respective state boar of examiners.
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